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Taking the T to School

The MBTA is pleased to provide service to and from Boston Public Schools for thousands of Boston area students. Getting to school is easy, safe, and efficient when you take the T!

If you have a disability, check out our Tools for Accessible Travel for extra tips on riding the T.

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How Do I Get To and From School?

 Trip Planner

Providing maps and directions on MBTA buses and subways, the MBTA Trip Planner is a valuable resource in planning your commute to and from school. Using your home and school address in the Start and End fields with the specific times and dates you’ll be riding, Trip Planner can customize a trip specific to your travel needs.

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Subway – the Red, Orange, Blue, and Green Lines

Taking the MBTA’s subway system might be your best option in going to and from school. Comprised of rapid and light rail transportation modes, the Red, Orange, Blue, and Green Lines serve the Great Boston metropolitan area, from downtown to Brighton to Revere to Dorchester to Cambridge and more.

The Red Line operates northwest to southeast from Alewife Station in Cambridge through the downtown area with connections to the Green Line at Park Street Station, the Orange Line at Downtown Crossing Station, and the South Side Commuter Rail and Silver Line at South Station. After passing through the South Boston area, the Red Line splits at JFK/UMass Station into the Ashmont branch (terminating in Dorchester at Ashmont Station) and the Braintree Branch (terminating at Braintree Station). Connections to the Mattapan Trolley Line can also be made at Ashmont Station.

The Orange Line operates north to south from Oak Grove Station in Malden through the downtown area, terminating at Forest Hills Station in Jamaica Plain. The Orange Line provides connections to the Green Line at North, Haymarket, and State Stations, the Red Line at Downtown Crossing Station, and the Silver Line at Downtown Crossing, Chinatown, and Tufts Medical Center Stations. Additionally, connections to the North Side Commuter Rail can be made at Malden Center and North Stations with South Side Commuter Rail connections made at Back Bay, Ruggles, and Forest Hills Stations.

The Blue Line operates from the downtown area at Bowdoin Station to Logan Airport, East Boston, and Revere before terminating at Wonderland Station. The Blue Line provides connections to the Orange Line at State Station.

The Green Line operates from eastern Cambridge at Lechmere Station and through the downtown area with connections to the Red Line at Park Street Station, the Orange Line at Haymarket Station, and the North Side Commuter Rail at North Station. After passing through downtown, the Green Line separates into four separate branches that operate above-ground on the street level: 

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 Buses and the Silver Line 

The MBTA has 178 bus routes operating in the Greater Boston area with the bus rapid transit Silver Line operating four lines that service Washington Street between Dudley Square in Roxbury and downtown (SL4 and SL5) as well as the Waterfront (SL1 and SL2). Some bus routes connect to local subway and commuter rail stations with many others operating within the city itself – these routes could be your best bet getting to and from school. 

Check out Services Nearby to enter your home address and see all the nearby buses in your area. Check Trip Planner, too, for the fastest, most convenient path of travel from your home to your school.

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Before You Leave the House


  • Make sure you have your CharlieCard or OneCard. 
  • Do you know how to get to your bus stop or local subway station? Which bus route or subway line are you taking to school? 
  • Check the bus/subway schedule and double-check your route on a map
  • Subscribe to text or e-mail T-Alerts for the most current, up-to-the-minute service information and follow @MBTA on Twitter.


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Comments, Questions, and Contacts

Contact the MBTA Customer Communications Department at 617.222.3200, TTY: 617.222.5146.

E-mail and tweet @MBTA.

See Boston Public School’s Taking the T to School page.

Contact the Boston Public Schools Transportation Hotline at 617.635.9520 or 617.635.MBTA (617.635.6282).

E-mail Boston Public Schools at or

Follow Boston Public Schools on Twitter and Facebook.

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